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There’s a funny thing about love, in a world overflowing at your fingertips, life lays itself out like an endless reel of memories. Though the moments that truly define your love for one another, that endure the cracks of time, seldom make it to the gallery; the lock of eyes from across a room, that first kiss, or the singular spark-laced moment when you just, knew. Perhaps, there’s something about these moments that simply cannot be bound by the four walls of a picture frame? What I can do extremely well, is capture the day they all weave back together.

Capture Every Moment…

My name is Amanda Moore, smile snappin’ enthusiast from the heart of North Yorkshire. I have always been passionate about photography and after a very lucky escape in a major accident a few years ago, I decided to have a career change and ‘pictured my dream’ so now would love to picture yours. Fast forward to the present day, having trained for years first hand with some of the finest award winning photographers in the country. My experience has taught me two valuable things; a sharp eye for spotting breathtaking moments as they unfold, and the discipline to do so from behind the looking glass. In other words, I work tirelessly to find the perfect moments while ensuring a natural flow on your special day. I knew very early on in my journey as a professional photographer that i have an amazing natural ability to capture emotion.

The concept of preserving memories in a way that the images will not wear away, as they do in our minds, has always fascinated me.


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