About Us

“There are no strangers here, just friends who have not met yet.”

A look behind the lens

Welcome to Picture Your Dream Photography. That’s us above; myself, Amanda, and my daughter, Poppy, happy to be on the other side of the camera for the day! I set up Picture Your Dream Wedding Photography back in 2015 literally by accident. In the previous year, I was the victim of a very near fatal accident and I have strived to follow my dream of becoming a professional photographer ever since. I had always dreamed of becoming a photographer some day and when my life flashed before my eyes, that near-fateful day, I felt sure I wasn’t going to survive. Afterwards I realised there are seven days in a week and none of them are called ‘someday’ so I pictured my dream, and now there’s nothing I’d enjoy more if you picked us to picture yours!

Five years in and countless wedding photography workshops later I have seen my business grow more than I could have ever imagined. I seek to create a wedding day style that’s creative, natural and relaxed, so each photo tells a thousand words. I love to capture real moments that tell your own individual love story.

Amanda Moore york female wedding photographer
Poppy Moore york female wedding photographer

A bit about Poppy.

Poppy is currently in her final year at the London College of Music. Poppy is a singer-songwriter and plays the piano and the ukulele – she was born to be on the stage! She’s fun, creative and never sits still. She’s also a fitness fanatic and she loves to travel. Poppy enjoys cooking, making stained glass and her most recent pursuit is knitting. It’s really quite fascinating to watch as she can knit a cardigan without taking her eyes off ‘Married at First Sight’ on TV. She’s found knitting very therapeutic and stops her unravelling. She’s inherited our go big or go home attitude to life and quickly grasped the fact that ‘anything is possible to she who believes’.

The concept of preserving memories in a way that the images will not wear away, as they do in our minds, has always fascinated me.


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