Being a local wedding photographer for Aldwark Manor, and having being a member at the Aldwark Manor Spa for over 20 years, I was over the moon when I heard about the multi-million pound investment that’s already underway at the Manor.

Before the latest lockdown I had the pleasure to be taken on a grand tour. I sampled the brand new restaurant, and saw the ‘Greatest Show Piece’. Can you believe the new owners have managed to obtain the original bar featured in the box office hit the, ‘Greatest Showman’!? Wedding guests can also discover a completely new floor of superior bedrooms. An amazing Walsingham Room, and the Secret Garden and Pavilion, licensed for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Fine dining, boat house and river boat.

Amanda Moore york female wedding photographer

And picture this, plans are also underway for a fine dining restaurant, boat house and jetty – with their own river boat! Holy Moly, this place will blow everywhere else out of the water! This really is going to be out of this world. A magical fairytale wedding retreat, and lucky for me it’s right on my doorstep!

I can’t wait until Aldwark Manor open their doors again and I can get back to what I do best. This venue certainly sounds like it’ll be worth the wait, and will lend itself to incredible backdrops for your wedding photographs that will tell the perfect love story of your day.

aldwark manor greatest showman bar photo